Custom music for podcasts across a multitude of genres. 

Audio Portfolio

Preview a selection of Pod Melodic tunes.

The Beautiful Beat

Built on the legendary beat structure made famous by a certain shock-rocker – with additional flair added.

Marés Crescentes

Three consecutive versions of the same cinematic string & mellotron theme, steadily increasing in intensity.

Mellotron Meltdown

Classic mellotron sounds combined with Motown drums and a solid synth.

Horace Makes Air

An in-your-face theme tune to truly awaken the listener with dramatic handclaps and an extendable drum break perfect for an intro speak.

Horns of New York

Some simple yet efficiently mood-setting horns with a rich, organic beat and a touch of strings.

Trophy Ceremony

Slow piano build-up before a triumphant guitar-filled explosion and an extra long tail.

Call 'Em Up

A dry 6/8 beat with a soothing guitar pattern, slowly being overtaken by an intruding synth.

Gates of Magdeburg

Slowly open up the gates, and let the synth-fest begin – with a solid & boomy beat to boot.

River Raid Fuel Up

Attention-grabbing and uplifting synth tune with an intense beat and a slightly crazy tail.

Pretty Pistol Crush

Gloomy interlude with a ringing guitar, insistent drums and a voice from the underworld.

1 Beat Walks Into 2 Bars

A unique-sounding beat with layers of happy synths on top.

New Stone Age Model

An interlude in the form of a one-chord guitar attack, guaranteed to refocus the attention of the listener.

Four Variations On A Theme

An example of how one theme can be adapted into four different versions, all suitable for different narrative purposes.

Main Theme

Catchy & folksy theme tune with jingle bells, hand claps and an organ – setting the overall atmosphere.

Short Interlude

The first melody line of the theme, performed by horns, offering a quick breather before the story continues.

Long Interlude

An interlude that transports the listener like a quick subway ride to a different destination.

Quiet Piano

A simple and fragile variation to counter the main version, with plenty of room for a voice on top.

Minimalistic Moods

Six pieces that contain a minimum of instruments, serving the purpose of setting the mood of the story being told – typically with narration on top.

Trembling String

A single guitar string plays melody accompanied by a subtle organ.

Pumpcrunch Organ

Crunchy distortion on an organ to signal that something’s gone awry. 

Delayed Geetar

Some six-string sounds for new adventures as we head out west.

Piano On The Intercom

An ultra-simple two-note pattern swept up in atmospheric SFX.


Vibraphones and cellos are the quintessential light-hearted moodsetters.

Eight Oh Eight

An intricate 808 beat keeps the fuzzy bassline company.

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5 features of Pod Melodic tunes

· Long audio tails that ensure smooth transitions

· Flexible parts that can be extended to fit a certain duration 

· Interludes that derive from the main theme

· Incorporation of sound effects as rhythmic elements

· Gentle or aggressive mastering depending on the context

About Pod Melodic

All music is composed, recorded and produced by Mikkel Elbech.

Pod Melodic is a Toro Town Storyworks brand – a one-stop shop for all kinds of storytelling based in Durham, NC.

To hear Pod Melodic in the wild check out Monocular, a storytelling podcast, and Small City Innovators, an interview podcast hosted by Ryan Hurley.